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Unpaid support: Enforcing those Florida obligations, II

In our last post, we shared some of the "enforcement techniques" that can be used to obtain the unpaid child or spousal support that a person may be due under a divorce decree or other court order. Disobeying a court order - which includes the final divorce decree - is considered contempt of court. When an ex-spouse fails to pay, a court can order that one of the enforcement techniques be used.

There are a few steps an ex-spouse can do to help speed along the process. The first step is always to consult your Florida divorce attorney for solid advice on your personal situation, but there are few things that you can do that would help gather the necessary evidence for your case.

In the case of unpaid child support or alimony, documentation is the key. Keep records of all of the information that you think will help. This includes keeping track of the date of every payment that is made and the amount that was paid.

It is also okay to become your own private investigator. You can keep an eye and an ear out for large purchases that your ex-spouse may make. You can "Google" your spouse or look at social media websites. If you come across something on a social media site, be sure to take a screen shot of the page because it can be altered by your ex at any moment.

Another important way to keep records is to print or save any receipts of things that you have had to pay for when your ex was the one obligated to pay under the decree. This often occurs in debt situations. A spouse may agree to pay the mortgage, for instance, but when both spouses are on the mortgage documents they both remain liable for the payments. A non-obligated spouse will often pay the mortgage to remain current. Becoming delinquent leads to foreclosure, something no one wants to face.

Source: Forbes, "How Can a Divorcing Woman Get the Child Support, Alimony She is Owed?," Jeff Landers, Dec. 14, 2011

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